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Advocate Description


You don't have to be fearless. You just have to be sincere.


Nobody longs for a safe and loving family more than a child in foster care. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer, you will be empowered by the courts to help make this dream a reality. You will not only bring change to the lives of these vulnerable children but also their children and generations to come. And in doing so, you will enrich your life as well.

The Volunteer

CASA volunteers are trained, dedicated adults who advocate for a child's best interest in juvenile court. Volunteers get to know the child by spending time with them each month in addition to talking with those involved in the child's life: parents and relatives, foster parents, teachers, medical professionals, attorneys, social workers and others.The information they gather is used to inform the judge of what the child's needs are.

Volunteering with CASA provides a volunteer experience unlike any other. Mandated by state statutes, the CASA volunteer functions as an officer of the court and has access to all confidential records pertaining to the child/children they serve.

The CASA volunteer offers consistency for a child as they move throughout the overburdened foster care system and can be instrumental in assuring that a child or family receives the services they need.

Volunteer Requirements

CASA volunteers are everyday people. You do not have to be a lawyer or social worker to volunteer. We welcome people from all walks of life. As a volunteer, you will be thoroughly trained and well supported by professional staff to help you through each case.

To be a CASA volunteer, one must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age;
  • Be able to pass a background check, confidential interview, and successfully complete training.

Apply Today!

Applying to become a CASA volunteer is easy! Click here to complete our online application. The CASA volunteer application includes relevant information which will enable our staff to prepare for the screening interview. Please be prepared to provide:

  • General information about yourself and your background
  • A brief statement about why you would like to become a CASA volunteer
  • Three references and their contact information
  • Your employment and volunteer history

If you would prefer to complete a written application, click here to download a PDF file of our application form.

Completed applications can be mailed to:
CASA for Children
PO Box 1274
Muskogee, OK 74402



"There is nothing to compare to the feeling of knowing you've helped to make
a child's life safer and healthier. The look of recognition in their eyes
and the smile on their face make it all worth it!"

- Helen Stemmer, CASA Volunteer